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Vodacom Now!

Dear Valued Customer,

Making sure you get your bills simpler and faster is important to us. We know that CD's, paper or even emails can sometimes be hard to manage.

Introducing Vodacom Business Interactive Billing Portal.

The new billing portal allows you to speedily access your bills online. You will be able to conveniently download the invoices that you want when you want! Get your current month and past months invoices faster than ever. And accessing should be just as simple:

If you keen to be part of this evolution email us at  
In the subject line use 'sign me up for i-Billing' + your Account number.
Please send through on a corporate letterhead and a copy of the main account holder’s ID.

Interactive Billing Portal: FAQs

What document types will be available?

PDF & CSV.  Note the CSV version will only be available right now per line. A consolidated CSV is something we working for a future release.

How do I access the Interactive Billing Portal Monthly?

You will get an ebill mailer from us with a link to the portal. Follow the OTP process , login and download your content.

When will the email with link be distributed?

The email should be in your inbox by no later than the 10th of each month

Will itemized billing be available?

Yes, it will be available on the portal

Tips if you are struggling to get emails from us?

Please add to your mail favourites (to avoid any blocks from your spam filter).

Keep your email & company information up to date. Click through to our 'How to Guides' to find out more.


The future is exciting. Ready?


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