13 September 2019

    Michaela Stehr

    3 must-have financial apps if you live with someone else

    Have a housemate? Keep track of who owes what with one of these apps.

    With the price of property and living expenses rapidly increasing, more and more people are sharing spaces instead of purchasing their own homes. While this makes life easier in some regards, it can also cause other issues, especially when it comes to the ‘m’ word – money. But with a little help from the apps below your household’s expenses can be easily tracked and divided, without negatively affecting your relationships with your housemates.

    1. Acasa

    Want to split a weekly food shop with your housemates? Have you decided to share the costs of utilities? Acasa is a great way to manage all the household finances in a fair, neat and concise way. The efficient dashboard tracks who has paid for something and splits it evenly across your whole household, or you can pick and choose who is involved with payments. The app lets you know when your monthly bills are due as well as if you have any outstanding payments.

    Download Acasa for iOS or Android here.

    Download Acasa for iOS or Android

    2. Kin

    Kin is aware that dealing with money can be complicated, even more so when there are various parties involved. The concept behind Kin is to make money management easier for everyone involved and to create positive relationships around money and payments. Kin allows you to track and share expenses and be paid, by simplifying your trips, lunches and any other joint payments. Through the clean and easy-to-use interface, Kin follows your spending and IOUs by allowing you to make payments and receive them directly into your bank account.

    Download Kin for iOS or Android here.

    Download Kin for iOS or Android

    3. Splitwise

    This incredibly easy-to-use app is also free and works across many platforms, allowing you to track anything from rent payments and dinners out to household expenses and even holidays. The app tracks who owes what, without the immediate need for payment, while levelling out any owed money across the parties involved. It allows you to make separate groups and everyone can see what is owed and by whom in one simple interface. The app also sends you gentle reminders to settle your score before your friends have to give you a nudge to pay.

    Download Splitwise for iOS or Android here.

    Download Splitwise for iOS or Android

    Bonus financial app: Have you heard about VodaPay? This payment app makes it super easy to pay via Snapscan and Zapper. And you can top up your data and airtime, plus much more! Click here to find out more about VodaPay.

    Michaela Stehr