28 July 2021

    Drew Hook

    3 reasons to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass has become the best way to dive into Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem.

    Xbox Game Pass gives users access to over 200 first- and third-party titles on Xbox One and about half that on PC and, similar to Netflix, adds and removes games each month. But unlike the video streaming platform, Xbox Game Pass allows you to download anything in its library, circumventing the challenges presented by a cloud-based future.

    If you haven’t subscribed already, here are three reasons why Xbox Game Pass is essential.

    The Library

    It shouldn’t be surprising that the main reason to subscribe to Game Pass is to play their games. They’re often rotating the games they offer, but it seems that they always have some titles that are worthwhile. Spend your hours fighting against criminals in Gotham as Batman, explore islands and the sea in Sea of Thieves, and take down the Locust in the Gears of War series.

    And new games are added all the time including new games on the first day of their release. A recent example of this is Outsiders and MLB The Show 21. Halo: Infinite has been promised to be available on Game Pass as soon as it’s released. Games such as Hello Neighbor 2, Narita Boy, and Dead Static Drive have also been confirmed to arrive at Game Pass at their launch.

    Cross-Platform availability

    Game Pass allows you to play their catalogue on PC as well if you prefer it to a console. And if you’re not at home but want to continue playing, you can even play games on your phone. As of right now, only Android users are able to play on their phones, but Apple users won’t have to wait long for their chance. 

    The Discounts

    If you like saving money, you’ll love this next feature. Being a subscriber to Game Pass allows you to get discounts in the Microsoft store. It could be discounts for DLC, or for full-fledged games. They’ve offered discounts for DLC expansions such as The Outer Worlds, and for DLC characters in games like Tekken.

    There are many benefits to Game Pass, but if you need one definitive reason to get it, here it is: It has a great selection of games. Some of our favourite games that we’ve played during the quarantine were found on Game Pass. Hollow Knight, The Outer Worlds, and The Outer Wilds are all great games that you won’t regret playing. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that every game in the Game Pass catalogue is a home run, but there are enough great games to justify the price.

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    Drew Hook