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Women are doing amazing things in tech right here in Africa! In celebration of Women’s Month, here are just a few of them. They’re making great strides in equipping young girls with the skill to code, producing 3D printing apps for the medical sector, and so much more.

Baratang Miya 

From South Africa

Baratang Miya is the founder and CEO of GirlHype – Women Who Code, a not-for-profit that provides programming and app-development training for girls and young women. A self-taught coder, she’s been sharing her skills and experiences with women and girls through her organisation, which empowers them with the ability to code, giving them the tools to make a living and build careers in the tech industry. GirlHype has already helped more than 10 000 women and girls.

woman 1

Benji Coetzee

From South Africa

EmptyTrips is a startup founded by Benji Coetzee. The digital platform for the transportation of goods matches cargo space demand to supply using smart matching algorithms to make the connections. EmptyTrips, dubbed the ‘Uber for cargo’, reduces carbon emissions by optimising the use of trucks and trains.


Leonida Mutuku

From Kenya

Intelipro has clients that include the Bank of Africa Ghana, MTN and Revoltura, an impressive list that’s seen it making headlines in the African cloud computing space. Leonida Mutuku, the brains behind the operation, has helped create analytics solutions for financial and retail businesses across the continent. Intelipro offers analytics tools in the areas of customer, revenue,  product, credit risk and digital. 

woman 3

Nneile Nkolise

From South Africa

The iMED Tech Group was established in 2015 while Nneile Nkholise was studying mechanical engineering at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein. The company provides innovative medical solutions to assist healthcare delivery across the continent. iMED Tech Group uses 3D printing technology to create custom-made products for the medical sector.

woman 4

Nneka Mobisson 

From Nigeria 


mDoc co-founder and CEO Nneka Mobisson uses an online platform to create a virtual eco-system where all healthcare data for Africans suffering with chronic disease is located. The platform also provides users with a 24/7 connection to medical and allied health and lifestyle practitioners, such as nutritionists and fitness coaches. Using evidence-based, person-centred approaches, the technology is especially useful in helping those with diabetes and hypertension.

woman 5

We hope these tech pioneers inspire you to pursue your dreams and remind you that being an African woman is your greatest strength. Happy Women’s Month! 

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