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Vodacom Now!

From voice filters to video calling, these apps go above and beyond to make communication easy and fun – perfect for 14 February.  

1. Google Duo 

Having cancelled Allo (effective end March 2019), Google is now throwing its full weight behind what they claim is the highest-quality video calling app on the market. Two other features we love are Knock Knock (which allows you to preview video calls) and the option to leave a video message if the person on the other end doesn’t answer.  

Google Duo is free to download on iOS and Apple App store. Data costs apply. 

2. WeChat 

It’s no wonder this messaging app is still so popular: besides voice and video calling, you can also send short videos (called Sights). This is very handy when you want to share a snippet of where you are or what you’re doing with a loved one who is far away. If you want to take it one step further and send a gift to your other half, you can do that too! WeChat has partnered with Picup Couriers, an ‘on-demand’ delivery service, so you can request that a parcel is picked up and dropped off at a specified location via WeChat (just like you would order an Uber). 

WeChat is free to download on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Data costs apply. 

3. Viber 

Add a fun element to your free text and photo messages by including stickers. You can also search for videos and music directly in your chat window and instantly send your favourite romantic song to your significant other. Plus, you can hide chats you’d rather no one else see. If you’ve recently started dating your partner and you’re second-guessing a message you just sent, you can use the ‘damage control’ feature to instantly delete the message.  

Viber is free to download on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Data costs apply. 

4. Moya Messenger 

Moya is an ‘all-in-one #datafree messaging and browsing app’. On Vodacom, Moya is currently available only in South Africa. It prides itself on not using data or airtime to send messages. Instead, the app relies on data-free advertising to cover the costs. (Note that you will need data to send attachments.) 

Moya Messenger is free to download and use on Android. Data costs apply when first downloading the app and when sending media attachments. 

5. KakaoTalk 

What’s great about this Korean-created app are its fun voice filters and the fact that you can schedule appointments within the app. This makes it super easy to arrange that romantic Valentine’s Day date – and you can schedule a reminder, so there’s no excuse for forgetting! 

KakaoTalk is free to download on Android, iOS and Windows.

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