Do it yourself
    29 January 2020


    A cellphone contract just for you

    Vodacom has just the solution for your needs. Find out more about NXT LVL and Vodacom Red.

    You're one of a kind. That's what we like about you. And with NXL LVL offering superb value for under-25s and Vodacom Red providing access to premium experiences and exclusive rewards, Vodacom has just the solution for your needs. Here's a bit more about these two great offerings.


    • Prioritised Service. Red clients get priority when they call the Red Premium Service Desk for assistance.
    • Red Data ShareShare your data with up to six Vodacom friends and family, if you're on any of these plans: RED Premium+, RED VIP+, RED More Data, RED Professional+, RED Executive+.
    • Travel and Roaming. Red gives you up to 50% off the base fare of your Emirates ticket.
    • Exclusive Red Rewards. Access to premium lifestyle benefits and rewards.

    Log in to My Vodacom to sign up for Vodacom Red now!


    The best value for under-25s! Register for NXT LVL and get cool benefits for your kids, such as R19 bundles, with a R19 daily 1GB data deal and a R19 30-day WhatsApp deal.

    • Call Your Squad. Buy a My Squad bundle for just R6 and get 90 minutes to call up to five linked friends.
    • Gifting Bundles. You get a free data bundle to gift a friend when you purchase a data bundle of 40MB and get 40MB free night owl and 40MB free to gift a friend for R5. The same applies when you spend R12 for 200MB (+200MB free night owl).

    Dial *128# to activate NXT LVL on your kids' devices.

    Header photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash