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Summer is just around the corner and that means that you’ll be on the move. Don’t get stuck without data while you’re out and about with friends or family. Vodacom gives you the option to transfer data to your loved ones if they happen to run out, and if you’re on a RED plan, you can use Family Share. So don’t let a dip in data ruin your fun! Here are some simple steps to sharing data and staying connected, easily.

How to transfer data

  1. To get started dial *135#
  2. Access “Services” via the services selection
  3. Select “Next” to access the next menu
  4. Choose the “Data Transfer” option
  5. Pick the data bundle you wish to transfer
  6. Select the amount of data you wish to transfer to your recipient
  7. Choose your recipient
  8. Confirm your selection

Note that it is free to transfer data bundles, but there are limits as to who can transfer data and when they can do so. For example, only the Master Account Holder can transfer a data bundle and bundles that are valid for less than one day can be transferred immediately. For the full data transfer terms and conditions, click here.

How to use RED Family Share

  1. Log in to your My Vodacom account.
  2. Select a recipient. You can choose up to six Vodacom family members or friends.
  3. Choose how much data to share. You will be charged R25 per mobile number you share with.

Note that the maximum data allowance is 1GB every month. This service is available to Red Premium+, Red VIP+, Red More Data 10GB, Red Professional+ and Red Executive+ customers. For more about Red Family Share, click here.

Easy as that. Happy talking!

For more top tips on data management, visit Vodacom online.

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