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    21 February 2020

    Biddi Rorke

    5 small things that chow your data

    Here are a few things to consider when keeping tabs on data wastage.

    No one wants to reach their cap too early because of small, silly mistakes. Here are a few things to consider when keeping tabs on data wastage.

    1. You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating. Limiting data usage for certain apps can go a long way towards making your monthly data bundle stretch as far as possible. This entails switching off the feature that allows an app to update and chow data even when you aren’t using it. It’s also worth configuring your email settings so you don't automatically download attachments. If you choose to ignore this wise advice, your phone automatically goes online every few minutes to check for new emails or refresh Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other apps, and you'll steadily inch towards your data cap.
    2. Hooked on a new series and simply can’t resist getting a dose of it while on the move? And you forgot to download it before leaving your cushy wifi zone? Don’t stress. You can now enable a setting in your Netflix app that can save you up to 20% data. Open the Netflix app on your Android phone. Go to More > App Settings. Under the Video Playback section, tap on the Mobile Data Usage option. Select the Save Data option. 
    3. Download a specific area in Google Maps to use less data when finding your destination. This nifty data-saving tip will also improve your navigation experience if you’re travelling through a low reception area.
    4. Of course you don’t want to lose your precious photos, documents or videos by not backing them up to the cloud. But beware! That nifty back-up service that happens without your knowledge might be eating your data. Optimise data usage by altering these settings on your cloud storage apps.
    5. To make sure you squeeze a little bit more out of that limited data plan while still enjoying your favourite websites, make sure you aren’t consuming video on autoplay. Mobile apps like to reel you in with visual candy – simply disable autoplay in all the apps you use most often on your phone, such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

    For more tips on how to save data on specific platforms, check our #Datawyze category. And remember that it's super easy to top up with data whenever you need to: click here to find out more about Vodacom's data bundles.

    Biddi Rorke