In 2022, you can’t just be relying on the radio to stay up to date with the latest trending music. Long, long gone are the days of recording your favourite song off the Saturday chart shows and showing off your vast collection of CDs. In fact, it’s hard to believe that was ever a thing. Streaming platforms like Spotify deliver music directly to your phone – no need to lug a CD wallet around (shame, remember those?). They also allow smaller artists to publish their music and get it noticed – and they make it easy for subscribers to discover new music, based on what they like and what other people are listening to and loving. Stay up to date by checking out these albums trending on Spotify right now. 

    1. The Burning Tree

    Artist: A- Recce Genre: Rap

    The nine-track album from South African rapper A-Recce features six artists, including three fellow Pretoria based rappers – his older brother Jay Jody among them. Mellow melodies underscoring the rapping form the perfect backdrop to lyrics that are largely – as the album name suggests – about smoking marijuana. 

    album 1

    2. Red Dragon

    Artist: Uncle Waffles Genre: Amapiano

    There are four tracks on this project by SA artist Uncle Waffles in collaboration with other artists – and all of them make it almost impossible not to get up and hit the dancefloor. It includes Tanzania, the catchy dance track that’s trending on Spotify’s Hot Hits list for South Africa.  

    uncle waffles

    3. 4Luv

    Artist: Blxckie Genre: Rap/Hip hop

    Fans went crazy for this album when it dropped in Feb, so it’s no surprise that it’s still trending. For a taste of what the album has to offer, Spotify is loving the track Umoya, but it’s worth streaming the whole thing. 


    4. 30

    Artist: Adele Genre: Pop soul

    Adele famously takes long breaks between albums, so any new release from the English singer/songwriter is almost guaranteed to start trending. Spotify listeners are enjoying the single Easy On Me.


    5. CKay The First

    Artist: CKay Genre: R&B/AfroPop

    The Nigerian singer/songwriter’s track Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah) has one of those catchy hooks that gets into your head and refuses to leave. So the fact that it’s taking up space on Spotify’s trending playlists is perfectly on brand.  


    6. It’s Almost Dry

    Artist: Pusha T Genre: R&B / Hip Hop

    This is Pusha T’s first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart and 83% of the “album units” (a measure of consumption that includes sales, streams, etc) came from streaming. Produced by Kanye West and Pharell Williams and featuring contributions from the likes of Jay-Z and Kid Cudi, it’s likely to be trending on Spotify for some time to come. 

    it's almost dry

     7. Amagama

    Artist: Nomfundo Moh Genre: Afropop

    Written during the pandemic and released in January this year, the album combines vivid storytelling with a soulful African sound. The single Phakade Lami has already racked up more than 9 million views on YouTube and is also trending on Spotify. It was inspired by the ache of missing your loved ones during lockdown – a feeling that’s still all too fresh for all of us.


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