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Moms are superheroes and deserve all the celebrations and treats coming their way this Mother's Day. 

While you give your mom a day to put her feet up and relax this weekend, why not put together a playlist to further drive the message of love and appreciation for her.

Create your own playlist on Spotify 

Setting up a playlist on Spotify is simple, and can be done so following these easy steps:

For a mom who loves music why not gift her a Spotify account? With a Spotify Premium Family Plan, you can use your Vodacom account or airtime to pay, and it's just R109 a month.  

And best of all, setting up a Spotify account is simple thanks to Vodam's charge to bill option.

Using Pay with Vodacom means you no longer need a credit or debit card to sign up for Spotify Premium. The subscription is simply deducted from your Vodacom account. If you are a prepaid user, it is deducted off your airtime balance or added to your monthly bill if you are a Vodacom contract customer. Follow these simple steps to set up your Spotify, and start creating your perfect playlist today.

Step 1
Go to Spotify Premium and click on ‘View Plans’.

Step 2
Click on ‘Get Started’, create your profile and select your plan

Step 3:
Select ‘Pay by mobile: Vodacom’ when choosing your payment method

Step 4:
Click on ‘Start My Spotify Premium’, select Vodacom and enter your mobile number in the next screen – click Continue

Step 5
A One Time Pin will be sent to you via text message to enter in the next screen to confirm your subscription.

Step 6
Your subscription is now active

We have also put together this playlist to inspire you to make one of your own for your mom.

Soundtrack your life

Discover music with Spotify Premium and Vodacom for just R59.99 per month

Soundtrack your life with Spotify Premium and simply pay with your Vodacom account – no credit or debit card needed.

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