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    08 April 2020

    Tarryn Temmers

    Is your child stressed?

    Whether you are an adult or a child, the country being in lockdown as we fight to slow down the spread of COVID19, is a very scary and unsettling experience.

    Whether you are an adult or a child, the country being in lockdown as we fight to slow down the spread of COVID-19, is a very scary and unsettling experience.

    Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg held a special conference with some of the children in her country so that they could have their questions answered. Alongside the Prime Minister was the Minister of Children and Families, Kjell Ingolf Ropstadt, as well as the country's Minister of Education, Guri Melby. This is was very progressive as we rarely prioritise children in this way.

    We commonly forget that children are experiencing this with us and that they too need to feel heard and reassured. We as adults are feeling the strain and the trauma of it, and that extends to them too.  

    If you live in a home with no outside area it is especially difficult for children who need time to be active. Being confined to being indoors is tough. These times of lockdown can be very frustrating for some of them.  Help your child deal with their frustrations in a healthy way.

    The World Health Organisation put together some signs you can look out for to be able to recognise if your child is perhaps stressed or anxious during this time.

    Possible signs that a child might be stressed:

    • Being withdrawn
    • Being clingy
    • Anxious by things that didn’t make them anxious before
    • Angry or Agitated
    • Bedwetting can also be a sign of distress
    • Responses that seems out of character can also be a sign

    How you can show your child support during this time:

    • Make more time for them; show them more love and reassurance during this time
    • Drawing can be relaxing and a good way to get your child to express their feelings
    • Playtime together can be a good quality time activity
    • Keep regular routines or schedules as far as you can
    • Talk to them and make an effort to listen, it is important they have an opportunity to express themselves
    • Discuss the COVID-19 crisis in an honest and age-appropriate way
    • Reassure your child that they are safe

    For further assistance please contact:

    South African Depression and Anxiety Group- SADAG

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    Tarryn Temmers