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    24 March 2020


    Connect for free

    Whether you're looking for online study resources, to start a new career or parenting advice, ConnectU is your one-stop shop.

    Vodacom offers a wide range of zero-rated online resources. This means you can access parenting advice, look for jobs, study online and more for FREE. And now all this information is available on one easy-to-access platform, ConnectU.

    What is ConnectU?

    ConnectU is a website that offers Vodacom subscribers access to a range of information for free. This includes Education, Jobs, Health, Social and Safety & Security. And now Vodacom has aggregated all the current zero-rated/ free to use services that ConnectU offers. 

    The services are split into a few categories:

    • Educational resources include, for example, access to the Vodacom eSchool and the websites of top South African universities.
    • If you're looking for a job, the Job section allows you to search for jobs on popular career sites.
    • Health is where you'll find Mum & Baby, which is packed with online resources for parents and parents-to-be.
    • Under Social, you can use Facebook Flex and access Vodacom's specific entertainment services such as MyMuze and Video Play.
    • Through Safety & Security, you can find out more about Secure Net Parental Control, which allows parents to block adult content accessed through the Vodacom network, and Vodacom Funeral Cover, which you can get for free through Vodacom Siyakha.

    How to access ConnectU

    You simply need to have a Vodacom SIM card on your phone. You then need to activate mobile-data and switch Wi-Fi off. You can then open your browsers and go to connectu.vodacom.co.za. In addition from a network perspective, once a customer’s data runs out they will automatically be routed to the ConnectU site.

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