Do it yourself
    17 March 2020


    A simplified self RICA process from Vodacom

    Vodacom has introduced a simplified solution to allow existing Vodacom customers to self-RICA SIMs from the comfort of their own homes.

    Vodacom has recently introduced a simplified solution to allow existing Vodacom customers to self-RICA SIMs from the comfort of their own homes. Known as the Self-RICA app, it automatically captures and validates the customers’ personal details against external trusted sources including the Department of Home Affairs, biometrics and Artificial Intelligence creating ultimate convenience for the customer and for Vodacom.

    'One of our core pillars in our Vision 2020 purpose includes creating a digital society. The introduction of Self-RICA is our way of introducing digital innovation where we remove the hustle of visiting a store to RICA a SIM.  We’ve simplified the process and digitised the journey for our customers. This is yet another way we are continuing to drive a digital transformation journey for ourselves and for our customers' said Jorge Mendes, Vodacom Chief Officer Consumer Business Unit.

    Self-help with TOBI

    Following the successful introduction of the 'Vodacom Self-RICA' app that we used to assist customers to update their already existing RICA details, with just over 5,000 app downloads on the Google Playstore, Vodacom has added another new innovative Self-RICA layer for customers to RICA new Sim cards. New Vodacom customers can now Self-RICA through TOBi, Vodacom’s Chatbot on the MyVodacom App.

    The process is as simple as taking a picture, scanning a new prepaid sim card, an ID document or passport for foreign nationals, recording a video with a unique pin as proof that you are the correct person requesting the Self-RICA. All these identities are compared using Artificial intelligence and biometrics and then verified with the Department of Home Affairs. Once verified, the customer can insert the SIM in any cellphone to activate it where they will receive a welcome message from Vodacom with their new cellphone number.

    How to make sure you complete the process successfully

    When starting the Self-RICA process, make sure that you have an ID document at hand. For South African Nationals, use your green South African ID Book or new ID card, and for Foreign Nationals, use your Passport. Throughout the process, you will be prompted to take photos of your identification document (ID card, ID Book or Passport if you are a foreign national), make sure:

    • Images are taken in a well-lit room
    • Images are Clear / not blurry • Images are High-quality
    • Details are readable on the image
    • The Information is fully visible on the document
    • Your ID / Passport picture matches your Selfie and Video taken
    • Your ID Book or Passport (if using) is open
    • The image is of your original ID or Passport (No photocopies) 

    To find out more information about Self-RICA, customers can visit Vodacom and click on Self-Service and Select Vodacom Self RICA. Alternatively, customers can add “TOBi” [082 009 8624] as a contact on WhatsApp and ask TOBi questions about Self-RICA.