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27th Sep 18

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Accessible devices to fit your specific needs

27th Sep 18

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Staying connected to the world via a mobile device can be especially important for people with specific needs. For many, mobile phones aren't just for chatting and entertainment - they are an essential tool for safety and communication. Vodacom's range of accessible devices is designed to meet the specific needs of visually and hearing impaired customers, as well as senior citizens. 

We're here to help

Vodacom consultants in stores are always ready to assist visually impaired customers who may need help activating these text-to-speech applications on their accessible Apple or Android devices. You can also get assistance on Vodacom's accessible devices by using the contact details below: 

Great devices for visually impaired customers

Vodacom offers a variety of great Android and iOS devices for their visually impaired customers.

Apple Devices

Android Devices

All Apple devices 

Samsung Galaxy J range


Samsung Galaxy S range


Samsung Galaxy Note range


Vodacom Smart Kicka 4 (Most affordable phone)

All these devices come with standard built-in-text-to-speech applications (VoiceOver on Apple and TalkBack on Android) which convert text to audio, allowing customers to listen to information from SMSs, and hear their contacts, battery life, signal strength and more.

The customers who would like to do this themselves can follow these steps below:

(Note that a sighted person will have to assist you initially)

How to activate VoiceOver on Apple Devices

  1. Press the HOME button three times quickly or

  2. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > turn it ON

Basic Gestures for Apple Devices when VoiceOver is turned ON:

  • Single tap - Hear the description of what you have tapped
  • Double tap - Activate or open what you have tapped
  • Swipe left/right - Move to the next item on screen
  • Scroll up/down - Use three fingers to scroll

How to activate TalkBack on Android

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Vision > turn it ON

Basic Gestures for Android Devices when TalkBack is turned ON:

  • Single tap - hear the description of what you have tapped
  • Double tap - activate or open what you have tapped
  • Use 2 fingers to scroll up/down

Special smartphone deals for customers with communication barriers

These deals are exclusively available for Vodacom customers who are Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired, Deafblind and speech impaired.

Customers who prefer to not make or use voice calls shouldn’t have to pay unnecessary voice costs; Vodacom has created exclusive deals for you. Vodacom offers data and SMS only deals on smart phones enabling you to stay connected with your world via the internet, email, WhatsApp, social media and text messages.

The deals are available at selected Vodacom stores – visit Vodacom’s website to access a list of the selected stores.

A great device for senior citizens

Vodacom understands that different customers require different phones according to their specific needs. The Alcatel 2008G is designed to fit the specific needs of senior citizens, with easy access to voice calls and SMSs when connecting to friends, family and during emergencies. The key features of this tailor-made device include large keypad buttons with big and bold font that are easy to see, and a large 2.4 inch screen display for easy reading.

Visit the Vodacom website for more information on exclusive deals to fit your specific needs.

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