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From taking care of your physical health to staying on top of your finances, these are the apps you need to start using today.

To manage your finances: 22seven

This app by Old Mutual tracks your daily spending. You can link it to all your banking and insurance accounts so that it does this automatically. Over time, it will predict how much you spend on various categories on average and you can set spending limits. It is also a budgeting tool, so you can set goals, like going on holiday in six months’ time, and track whether you are on track to meet them.

Free for Android and iOS:

For your mental wellbeing: Buddhify

The creators of Buddhify understand that life is busy and we aren’t always able to set time aside for meditation. So, as the saying goes, if the mountain will not go to Muhammed, Muhammed must go to the mountain… Buddify provides various short meditations that are applicable to where you are and what you are doing in your everyday life. For example, there are meditations designed for while you’re travelling, for when you need a time out at work and, even, for while you’re using your phone or computer.

From R400 per year on Android and iOS: 

To get in shape: Zova

This slick app acts like a personal trainer. Workout routines encompass cardio, strength and weight loss. You can choose to focus on a specific area, like your arms, or opt for a full-body workout. Sessions can be as short as eight minutes or as long as 30 minutes and they can include apparatus like weights or just rely on your body. Additional health and lifestyle courses, such as a detox programme, are also available. Three free workouts are offered every day – in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can pay for more workouts as well as specific programmes.

Free for iOS:

To sleep better: Sleep Cycle

This intelligent alarm clocks provides three options. You can set a specified time to wake up, choose to track your sleep without an alarm set, or ask it to wake you up during a specified window period. It monitors which stage of sleep you’re in – light, deep or REM – by tracking sound and movement. If you set it to wake you during a window period, it will try to do so when it detects you’re in a light phase of sleep. Sleep Cycle will also tell you if you snored (you have to upgrade to listen to the audio, however), how long it took you to fall asleep, and for how many hours you slept.

Free for iOS and Android: 


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