Device reviews
    30 October 2020


    Android Go: Introducing Smart technology to everyone

    Smart technology has become significant in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Now entry-level devices have access to the Google Play Store

    Smart technology has become significant in almost every aspect of our daily lives. From transport to business, social, shopping, knowledge and even cooking. That means our world has become that much more efficient, convenient and intelligent, right? Well, not if you don’t have access to that technology. Without it, the world becomes harder to keep up with.

    Google’s new Android OS platform, Android Go, changes that reality. It makes extremely affordable smartphones perform even better, with access to a wide range of app services typically found in high-performance devices. Now entry-level devices have access to the Google Play Store.       

    A smartphone enables life-changing experiences. People constrained by feature devices now have newfound independence and opportunity, the confidence to navigate the world, and social inclusion through real-time connections to family, friends and news online.

    With technology swiftly moving towards a new era of 5G, networks will phase out 2G technology. Everyone still getting by with a feature, 2G phone, can now say hello to the world of 4G. With Android Go, entry-level smartphones perform at faster and more reliable speeds, have longer battery life while using these services, GPS and location services, and allow the user to get involved with online gaming.

    But bringing the experience of fast HD video streaming to every hand is the big game-changer, thanks to Google’s YouTube Go. Taking up just 10MB, this optimised version of YouTube lets everyone find videos to download and share, and you can do it all using less data and easy control over limited space.

    So, if you’re looking to make the leap from 2G to 4G, where do you start? Get to know the smartphones made even better with Android Go. Here’s three of them.

    Tecno Pop 2X Air

    This 4G Smartphone boasts a vibrant 5-inch display, front and back cameras and a Quad-core processor.

    Mobicel Geo

    The Mobicel Geo and its 5.45-inch Infinity Screen give you a more seamless, all-touch experience. With front and back cameras, 4G and good battery life, it’s a great buy for value.

    Alcatel 1

    The Alcatel 1 offers a clean, compact design, smooth touch and an incredibly affordable price. With an HD display, front and back cameras and 16GB memory, it’s a perfect introduction to start learning the ropes.

    These phones are currently only available in-store. Find your nearest store here.