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20th Nov 18

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Apps for silver surfers

20th Nov 18

Sammy Guinness
By Sammy Guinness13 Followers

If you’re over 50 and enjoy surfing the net but find it all a bit too overwhelming with so much information out there, and have no clue where to start - fear not! We’ve found the best apps for you – to make your life easier, safer and fun, all from your phone or tablet device.

Keep in touch

If your loved ones live far away, keep in touch with three of the most popular and easy to use video chat services – Skype (Android, iOS), WhatsApp Video Chat (Android , iOS) and Facebook Messenger Video Chat (Android, iOS). They are all free and very easy to use.

Body and Mind

Flex your mind with online Scrabble. You can play solo, ask friends to join you for a game or find an opponent through the app. Free to download on Android and Read More...

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