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20th Nov 18

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Apps for silver surfers

20th Nov 18

Sammy Guinness
By Sammy Guinness16 Followers

If you’re over 50 and enjoy surfing the net but find it all a bit too overwhelming with so much information out there, and have no clue where to start - fear not! We’ve found the best apps for you – to make your life easier, safer and fun, all from your phone or tablet device.

Keep in touch

If your loved ones live far away, keep in touch with three of the most popular and easy to use video chat services – Skype (Android, iOS), WhatsApp Video Chat (Android , iOS) and Facebook Messenger Video Chat (Android, iOS). They are all free and very easy to use.

Body and Mind

Flex your mind with online Scrabble. You can play solo, ask friends to join you for a game or find an opponent through the app. Free to download on Android and iOS.

Luminosity is a fun brain training app, which helps you work your memory muscle through interactive games. Available for free on Android and iOS .

Want to start taking your daily walks seriously? Download MapMyWalk (Android, iOS) for free to track your walking activities and get feedback on your progress.

Helpful hint: invest in a tablet or iPad as the screens are bigger, which makes them easier to use.  


mySOS is a South African app that offers emergency services. With a tap of the screen, you can instantly activate your emergency alert and the closest service provider will be alerted – medical, fire, police, your security provider or roadside assistance. Once you’ve activated your emergency, an auto-alert is also sent to your listed emergency contact. Available for free on Android and iOS.

Medication reminders

MediSafe is rated as one of the best medication reminder apps out there. The easy-to-use app will remind you when you need to take your pills, alert you if you’ve missed any doses and lets you know when your prescription is running low. You can also list a family member or caregiver on the app, which alerts them if you have missed any medication.

It’s free to download on Android and iOS .

Delivery service

The South African developed app Zulzi delivers groceries, lunch, dinner, pharmaceuticals – or pretty much anything you need in your area – within the hour. The app is free to download on Android and iOS. Your first delivery is free, thereafter delivery fees start at R20.

For the partially sighted

TapTapSee is an app that lets you take pictures of items with your phone, ask questions and get verbal answers back. For example, if you’re not 100% sure what’s in that bottle in the fridge – mustard or tomato sauce? – the app will help you. It’s available for free to download on Android  and iOS

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