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4th Jul 16

Top apps

Apps to help you save!

4th Jul 16

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You probably don’t go anywhere without your phone and your wallet tucked into your back pocket or your handbag, but these two life essentials are more closely conected than you’d imagine. If you’re clever, your smartphone can help you keep your coins in the piggybank, where they belong.

Here is how you can get the most out of your smartphone in National Savings Month with these four apps.

1. 22Seven

This South African budgeting app will change the way you look at your money. It connects securely to all your bank accounts, credit cards too, and pulls this info together into pie charts and spending categories so that you have a comprehensive view of your finances. Also try: Mint.

Free for Apple and Android

2. MoneySmart

This South African app helps you set up a budget and includes a daily cash tally so you can really stay on track. Use the app to review your spending patterns and find out in which areas you've been over spending. 

Available for

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