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    13 February 2019


    Back to the future: Vodacom Vibe review

    The Vodacom Vibe is the perfect backup phone for the adventurous outsider.

    Are you looking for a low-cost phone that lets you stay in contact over Whatsapp and Facebook? Look no further than the Vodacom Vibe. The phone comes with a 2.4-inch display, a menu that is easy to navigate, and nice big number pad buttons. The long battery life allows for 22 hours of talk time or an impressive 744 hours (31 days!) of standby. You also get a powerful flashlight and a 2MP camera. But what really sets this phone apart from other budget devices is its ability to surf social media thanks to the inclusion of Facebook Lite. This is a much lighter version of the app that's better suited for low-power Android devices or ones with a limited Internet connection. Add to this the ability to send and receive messages over Whatsapp and you'll never feel left out of the conversation.

    The best features of the Vodacom Vibe:

    • Lightweight (with 2.4" screen)
    • Optimised keyboard with big number pad buttons
    • Extensive battery life
    • WhatsApp
    • Facebook Lite
    • 3G compliant

    But what is the benefit of owning a backup phone like the Vodacom Vibe, especially if you just splashed out on the latest device from Samsung or Huawei? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of owning a secondary phone. 

    The most obvious reason for a backup phone, and also the most important is that it is ideal in the case of an emergency.

    1. Modern smartphones can be a big investment (the best tech is usually the most expensive) and not one that you would want to put at too much risk. Carrying a less expensive, secondary phone with you on a daily commute, long hike or trip to the beach means you won’t have to worry about any accidents. 
    2. A phone like the Vodacom Vibe is simple to use, making it ideal in the case of an emergency. A simple phone call or Whatsapp message works best should you find yourself lost on a day-long hike or if you misplaced your car keys and need a lift home, and simple is what the Vodacom Vibe does best. 
    3. In addition to the extensive battery life and ease of use, a phone like the Vodacom Vibe won’t become slow and bloated or require updates every time you turn it on. This still stands even if you keep it switched off for long periods of time. Not having a touchscreen means you can also easily operate it with gloves, an advantage in particularly cold conditions. Furthermore, while most smartphones are fragile, the Vodacom Vibe is built like a tank and can withstand lots of abuse.

    So there you have it. While the Vodacom Vibe may not replace your shiny new smartphone, it’s a smart, less expensive addition to your emergency toolkit. Take the time to secure one now – you might be glad you did someday. 

    The Vodacom Vibe is available to purchase from Vodacom online today.