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    29 June 2016


    Broadband Connect Wireless Lite

    A Ready Business waits for nothing. Make your business Ready to move with the times with Vodacom's Broadband Connect Wireless Lite: an affordable, scalable solution for your small business.

    A Ready Business is always connected anywhere, anytime. The right internet connection is vital to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your employees and business. 

    It's fast, it's efficient, it's affordable, and you can add extra services as and when you need them. Still not sure if Vodacom's Broadband Connect Wireless Lite is right for your small business? 

    Here is our list of things to consider before choosing an internet solution for your business:

    • Area
      Your coverage will depend on the location of your business (find out if your area is covered by Broadband Connect Wireless Lite).
    • Your needs:
      Do your employees need a video conferencing facility? The data speed of Broadband Connect Wireless Lite is around 15Mbps, which is about three times faster than 3G, perfect for video conferencing with minimal (if any) network delay.  
      Would you like the option of voice or cloud services in future? Both of these can be added through Broadband Connect Wireless Lite at a later stage as your business grows or your needs change. With the Vodacom VoIP service, when you pay a low once-off activation fee, you get two 087 numbers to use, and can then make calls across the same Broadband network without interrupting internet connectivity. 
    • Number of employees and devices
      If your employees need to collaborate digitally across the office, across a number of different devices, Broadband Connect Wireless Lite could be the solution they've been waiting for. You can connect multiple devices for instant downloads, easy file sharing and seamless collaboration.
    • Time: 
      How long are you willing to wait before getting connected? With Broadband Connect Wireless Lite, you will get all the equipment you need, including the Huawei HG 659 router, dongle and SIM, delivered to your door, and the self-installation process is quick and easy.

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