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Vodacom Now!

Vodacom's Digital Media Training provided 50 female farmers with the opportunity to learn much-needed digital skills. From navigating social media to understanding business plans, this training has given them the tools to embrace a digital world.

Here, some of these women share the impact this has had on them and their agriculture businesses.

Dinah Mabokwane

Dinah says operating an agriculture business has empowered her, and the Vodacom Digital Media Training renewed her passion for the industry.

Kamogelo Mogadime

Kamogelo is primarily a cattle farmer, although they also farm pigs and vegetables when the opportunity is there. The most important thing Kamogelo says they learnt is how to market their produce. This has significantly reduced the amount of product going to waste.


Caro Sekgobela

Caro specialises in vegetables and maize. She says the Vodacom Digital Media Training was very comprehensive, covering everything from software to social media. This has allowed her to increase her marketing efforts and reach.

Idah Langa

Idah has been a farmer since 2010 and has encountered many difficulties over the years. In the Digital Media Training, she discovered how smartphones can transform her life and empower her as a female farmer. And, after the training, Idah's daughter actually bought her a smartphone because Idah now uses emails and social media to manage her business!

Tshidi Mokoma

Tshidi is a rabbit farmer and a big fan of both SAWIF and Vodacom. What she is especially impressed with is Vodacom's impact on a large scale – she says it allows female farmers to make a difference throughout South Africa. Find out what rabbit farming is and why she chose to enter this field.

Ivy Moagi

Ivy says she hopes that the women who were fortunate enough to attend the training are able to share their skills and knowledge with other female farmers.

Deborah Motuku

For Deborah, Vodacom has brought light into her life. She says Vodacom has brought back the excitement they feel for their field and given them the courage they need to succeed.

Rebecca Machosha

Rebecca is full of praise for Vodacom because of the change they've brought into her life and community.


Tebogo Maepa

Tebogo's cooperative focuses on organic food and healthy food. They have branched into processing to ensure that processed products such as pickles come with all the same health benefits as fresh produce. Tebogo says she has done leadership training before, but what Vodacom offered is different ... Find out why below.

Dorah Mokgatla

Dorah farms vegetables using river water because of the lack of access to other water sources. This means they aren't always able to have a regular produce supply, so getting access to a borehole is one of their priorities. Because their supply is irregular, it's important for them to market when they do have produce and this they do through social media and WhatsApp.

Connected She Can!

Watch the video below to find out more about all these women and the many others Vodacom has impacted! There is no doubt that we truly believe in #ConnectingForGood – click here to see how else we are embracing digital societies.

Header photo by wilsan u on Unsplash


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