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    18 April 2018


    Celebrating inspirational women at Vodacom

    Join us as we celebrate our inspirational Women in Red team members at Vodacom.

    At Vodacom we recognise the importance of gender diversity and the fact that women, both as our customers and employees, are one of the keys to our success. The Women in Red initiative aims to showcase some of our female team members who have been nominated by their colleagues as ‘inspiring’ individuals. It also provides a platform to highlight the key value and outstanding contribution that our female employees are bringing to the company, around the world. Please join us in celebrating this year's recipients of the Women in Red Awards.

    Mary Motsuku, EHOD EBU Operations

    Highly regarded as an inspiring and performance-driven leader, Mary has not only driven great value through customer service but is also involved in motivating and inspiring her team to perform at the top of their game.

    Mary has continued to motivate women by being a coach and a mentor, both formally and informally, ensuring that a number of black and female members of staff have been promoted to senior positions. As a big advocate for women in leadership and for gender equality throughout the company, she has contributed immensely and inspired many around her to advance themselves academically. 

    Ferouzah van der Schyff, Manager: Applications Support

    Ferouzah was nominated for her sterling efforts in breaking barriers for women, assisting with the organisation of regional participation and steering a number of Women In Technology (WIT) events. More recently, she has taken on the challenge of hosting a local WIT conference for a large number of technology delegates and speakers. All this while being a wonderful technology manager who delivers over and above what is expected of her.

    Ferouzah embodies the true reflection of a remarkable woman: inspiring, mentoring and encouraging other women in the Vodacom IT network. Ferouzah had truly shone as a Vodacom ambassador and has really advanced Vodacom's commitment to encouraging women in technology. 

    Riona Singh, Manager: Vodacom World

    Riona is a remarkable leader who has motivated her team to rise to their full potential. Riona has been part of the Vodacom family for over 11 years and in that time has gained the respect and admiration of her peers throughout the company.

    Riona invests in everyone she meets and her love, laughter and passion for what she does and the company is so infectious that everyone in her path just loves being around her. Not only does she generously share her knowledge with her tema, she also shares her time with the community, giving back via the Vodacom Foundation. She is a definite asset to Vodacom, and the many leadership awards she has won attest to this. 

    Khanyi Mpisi, Country Manager

    As the leader of an all-woman team, Khanyi Mpisi is seen by many as a great inspiration to the Vodacom family, especially for her strong focus on gender diversity. Despite working from a very rural part of KwaZulu-Natal, she has entrusted her team to take on the challenges of the region and work to the best of their abilities. She has supported both male and female interns and has supported them in their career growth and other life issues. She is seen as a strong and caring leader who has succeeded in breaking through the glass ceiling in an environment that is seen as male-dominated, and who always delivers at all costs. 

    Sharron Naidoo, Commercial Operations

    Sharron Naidoo lives and breathes the Vodacom Way and has become a true role model to all young women at Vodacom. Sharron is a qualified life coach who uses her skills to develop and motivate many Vodacom staff members. Her willingness to assist her collegues at any level has made her a highly respected leader. Sharron wears many hats: mother, wife, leader, life coach, Women in Leadership graduate, Consultative Committee member, digital ninja, Change Leader, Service Culture Ambassador, Vodacom Foundation member and mentor. She has also guided her team to save revenue by quickly sorting out data disputes and ensuring top customer service. She always goes above and beyond to develop her colleagues and see them rise to their full potential. 

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