02 February 2021


    Celebrating Valentine's Day in style

    Don't let being in lockdown stop you from making the most of special days. 

    Our Valentine’s Day lockdown edition has creative ideas for romantic ways to celebrate love at home rather than venturing out to a restaurant. And don’t forget to use VodaPay  for all your online Valentine’s shopping – checking out is quick and easy.

    1. Listen to your favourite albums together – or each pick your top two, enjoy listening, and decide which tracks are mutual favourites. You can stream your tracks via Spotify or Apple music, and don't forget to include it to Vodacom add-to-bill so that your streaming payments are seamless. 


    2. If you don't get to cook together very often, why not join your Valentine in the kitchen? Try something new, follow a recipe, or get nostalgic with the tastes and aroma of a much-loved family dish.

    3. You’ve not had the chance to socialise during this prolonged lockdown, and some of you may be missing the opportunity to dance with your partner. Why not surprise your love with a romantic slow dance session in the living room? Make up a playlist of smoochy songs and have fun on your homemade dancefloor. 

    couple dancing

    4. When did you last sit down to share special family stories, childhood memories and your teen escapades? Take time this Valentine's Day to browse old snaps, dig out the DVD player (or the ancient VHS monster in dad’s garage) – and enjoy some of your family movies together! 

    5. Everyone loves the perfect shot to share on their social media feed, so hiring a photographer to get great snaps of you as a couple might be the perfect Valentine's idea this year. 


    6. If you miss travelling and exploring historical spaces, surprise your other half with a romantic stroll through the world’s great museums – all from the comfort of your couch. Online museum tours make this all possible, such as the Picasso Museum or the Vatican Museums virtual tours. 

    7. Get a new board game or PlayStation title, or haul out an old staple like Scrabble, Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit. A puzzle may be a good option too. Make a fun evening of it and don't forget the yummy snacks and drinks!

    8. Do-it-yourself cocktails, mocktails or even delicious smoothies are a great way to get creative in the safety of your home and for you both to indulge your inner mixologist. Get out the classic shaker, ice, garnishes, and highballs and raise your glasses. Cheers!  

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