20 October 2014


    Cover up!

    Here’s our pick of our favourite iPhone covers. Whether you’re looking for something tough or something pretty, you’re sure to find the perfect match.

    So you’ve got yourself an awesome new iPhone? Now’s the time to pick a protective cover to make sure your phone can handle any accidental knocks and falls and still look stylish. With the huge range of cases and covers out there, here’s our pick of the best ranges on offer.


    If you’re a Navy SEAL or just a tough South African who gives your phone a hard time, the Griffin Survivor is for you. This case is designed and tested to meet US Department of Defense Standard 810F, which in short means it’s ridiculously hardcore.

    It’s built to protect your iPhone from every extreme condition you can think of, including dirt, sand, rain, shock and vibration, and comes in 15 colour combinations plus camo options. 

    Griffin also produces other covers like the Reveal, an ultra-thin, hardshell case, the fun Animal Parade series (dress your phone up as a silicone koala, giraffe or tiger, among others) and they’ve teamed up with Adidas to produce the miCoach exercise armband.


    Belkin is one of the top producers of cellphone accessories and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to iPhone covers. 

    The View cases are streamlined and designed to protect while enhancing the look of the phone itself. The Lifeproof cases protect even the most adventurous user’s phone – even allowing it to go for a swim with you. The Sport Armband covers are ideal for gym bunnies and outdoor enthusiasts, being water-resistant and breathable with a sneaky pouch for your house or car keys. Or bring out the kid in you with their awesome LEGO builder cases.


    iLuv builds quality accessories specially for iPhones, although the company has branched out to other phones too. 

    The colourful and fun ranges of covers have something for every taste, from the stylish Festival Chic Hardshell and Pulse Protective ranges to the brilliant Icon Designer series featuring vintage Peanuts cartoon characters. 

    If you’re a serial Instagram/Facebook selfie-poster or just like to make the most of your amazing iPhone camera (and want to protect it at the same time!) don’t look past iLuv’s Selfy case. With a wireless remote shutter which pairs to your camera via Bluetooth, it makes taking great selfies so much easier. It also makes taking group shots a breeze. 

    Mophie Juice Pack 

    Are you a big talker? This smooth-looking slimline protective case is actually a spare battery pack designed to increase the life of your phone. It promises 80% more battery life, so if you spend your life on the phone – whether it’s work or play – this top accessory has you covered.