Be Datawyze
    22 August 2018


    #Datawyze: How to manage your data on Facebook

    Optimise your mobile data usage while you stay connected with your family and friends on Facebook.

    Facebook is a very useful tool, especially when it comes to keeping us connected to our friends and family. That’s why it’s no surprise that it has over 2.2 billion monthly users. Don’t let data be the reason you lose touch with all the connections you’ve made over the years. Here are some easy ways to save data while using Facebook. 

    Facebook Flex

    Vodacom understands the importance of maintaining these connections - that’s why they allow you to enjoy Facebook without pics and videos, absolutely FREE with Facebook Flex by Vodacom Siyakha.   

    Facebook Flex allows you to access Facebook for FREE anytime, without data charges when you are using Facebook.com on your phone or the Facebook App. Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is simply switch the button from Data Mode to Free Mode.

    You can also stay in control of your data usage by changing the following settings on your Facebook App. These may differ slightly for iOS and Android apps, and depending on which version of your operating system you're using.

    How to use Facebook Flex

    Disable Autoplay feature for mobile connections

    By default, Facebook automatically plays videos that pop up in your feed, costing you data to download videos you might not even want to watch. 

    • Android: Launch Facebook > Navigate to Settings (menu icon) > App settings > Autoplay > select On Wi-Fi Connections Only
    • iOS: Launch Facebook > Navigate to More (3 horizontal lines bottom right) > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Autoplay > select On Wi-Fi Connections Only

    How to turn off video autplay on Facebook

    Upload Photos and Videos in SD quality

    This feature saves you data by making sure that the images and videos you upload are not in high-definition. One HD picture could be over 1MB of data by itself! 

    • Launch Facebook > Navigate to Settings (menu icon) > App settings > make sure Upload Photos in HD & Upload Videos in HD is in the OFF position

    How to switch to SD media upload on Facebook

    Switch on Data Saver

    Data saver prevents videos from playing automatically and reduces image size. 

    • Launch Facebook > Navigate to Settings (menu icon) > Data Saver > make sure Data Saver On is in the ON position

    Be #Datawyze with Vodacom

    We know that it can be difficult to work out exactly how much data you’re going to need, or how much data you are currently using.  Try out this data calculator to understand how much data your most popular apps use.

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