Be Datawyze
    20 September 2018


    #Datawyze: How to manage your data usage on Showmax

    Find out how to manage your data usage on Showmax and stay #Datawyze

    Streaming a video on Showmax can use up to 3GB of data per hour. You can avoid using this much data while streaming by simply implementing the following handy tips. 

    Budget wisely for your data spend

    Estimate how much data you’ll need for your binge sessions by using the Showmax bandwidth calculator. This nifty tool gives you an estimate of the amount of data you’ll need to budget for, depending on your device, your streaming habits and the amount of time you plan to spend bingeing.

    Use bandwidth capping

    When streaming on most versions of the Showmax app, you will have the option to put a cap on your bandwidth. This will help you to use less data. On your tablet or smartphone, simply go to settings, and select Bandwidth Capping. Select Low capping to use the least data while streaming – as little as 0.3GB per hour – or Medium capping, to use only 0.7GB per hour. 

    Preferred option when downloading

    The Showmax app allows 25 series episodes or movies to be downloaded onto your device, and you’ll have 30 days in which to watch them. Once you’ve started an episode or a movie, however, you’ll have to watch it within 48 hours.

    Select the quality you want for downloads

    Showmax gives you the option to download on four different quality settings. The lower the quality you select, the less data you will use and the less space the file will take up on your device. Download on Low Quality, Standard Quality, Good Quality or High Quality.

    Be #Datawyze with Vodacom

    We know that it can be difficult to work out exactly how much data you’re going to need, or how much data you are currently using. Try out this data calculator to understand how much data your most popular apps use.

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