02 November 2018


    Don't stress this summer

    Enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind. Here are some tips and tech that can help. 

    Enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind. Here are some tips and tech that can help. 

    Relaxation apps

    Holidays can be fun – and sometimes stressful. These apps help you relax and enjoy the moment.

    The Mindful App

    The Mindful App is a meditation app that includes a five-day guided practice and reminders for when it’s time to relax, as well as other features based on individual meditation habits. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health and enjoy some serious chill time. Available on iOS and Android.

    10% Happier

    If you’re skeptical about meditation, this is the perfect app for you. It’s specially designed for people who are keen to try meditation, but want to simplify the process. Aimed at users who struggle with anxiety or insomnia, new content is added each week. Available on iOS and Android.


    If you’re new to the mindfulness scene, Headspace is a great place to start. Its free trial includes 10 exercises that will teach you more about meditation, and how to apply it to your life. It features a personalised progress page, a reward system for continued practice, and a buddy system that lets users connect with others to stay on track. Available on iOS and Android.

    Relax Melodies

    If stress is keeping you awake at night, the soothing sounds provided by this app could be just what you need to drift off. Choose from different white noises and chilled beats to create your perfect relaxing mix. Guided meditations on time management, self-esteem and creativity are also downloadable. Available on iOS and Android.


    From breathing techniques to sleep tips, Omvana is home to a collection of over 500 meditation tracks. As well as guided mediation, users can also tune in to inspirational poetry, music and speeches. It’s aimed at combatting stress, increasing productivity and encouraging positivity. Available on iOS and Android.

    Get organized


    Tile Mate 

    Don't spend your precious days off searching for your keys. Tile Mate is a nifty little Bluetooth-enabled tag that you can attach to your keyring or slip in your wallet. When you misplace something, just open the Tile app to locate it. You can either see its location on a map, make the Tile ring so you can find it, or even ask the Tile community for help locating your item. 



    We've written about this awesome app before. If you're planning a holiday with a big group, this app splits the costs evenly to avoid squabbles. Simply create a Group, invite your holiday buddies, and allocate all the costs between you. You can choose to go 50-50 or 80-20, choose to exclude the vegetarians from the biltong bill - the options are wide. It's available on iOS and Android, and it's free. 


    Vodacom Insurance 

    Get total peace of mind with insurance from your trusted mobile provider, Vodacom. Accidents tend to happen on holiday, but luckily, when your phone is insured with Vodacom, help is at hand. You're covered for loss, theft or damage - even water damage - and your phone will be replaced within 48 hours through Vodacom's nationwide network. If you're planning to go overseas, you'll be happy to know that your phone is covered there, too. It's super simple to claim - you can submit your claim online from the comfort of your hammock. Go to the Vodacom website to find out more. Note that in order to claim, your phone's Vodacom SIM needs to have been in the device when it was lost, stolen or damaged, and, if overseas, roaming must have been activated. 

    Vodacom Device Insurance is available to Prepaid customers within seven days of purchase, while Contract customers can insure their devices within 30 days of purchase.