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Vodacom Now!

Imagine if you could have one rand for every minute you’ve spent playing mobile games like Candy Crush or MineCraft, or thumbing through your Facebook or Instagram feeds. If you’re anything like me, you’d have a tidy little nest egg by now. But money doesn’t grow on trees, you know, not even pixel-perfect ones.

The next time you’re itching for some screen time, try something different – the apps below will actually help you save, invest and learn about your money habits.


Do you know where your money goes every month? 22seven helps you answer that question. Simply link all of your accounts – including banking, investments and loans – and 22seven automatically categorises your spending. After a month of using the app, you’ll have a clear picture of why you end on zero every month, and set goals to manage your spending better.

The app was built in South Africa, for South Africans, so it works with all major banks and credit providers.

Download the free app now for Android or iOS.


If some of your friends tend to split when the bill arrives, this is the app for you. With Splitwise, you never have to worry about paying for someone else’s seafood platter. Add bills and IOUs to the app, and decide how the expense should be split. Splitwise keeps a running total so that you can see at a glance whose turn it is to pay for today’s coffee (at now! HQ, it’s Ian’s turn, by the way).

Download the free app now for Android and iOS.


Stash is a virtual version of the small change jar on the kitchen table. The only difference is that your small change is invested in a tax-free savings account. To get started, you add a bank card to your account. Every time you swipe, Stash rounds your payment up to the nearest R20 (or any amount you specify). The difference is ‘stashed’ in your Stash account.

The app also has some cool features. You can stash on rainy days, based on your location settings; or you can integrate with a fitness app such as Google Fit, and stash a certain amount for being active.

Download the free app now for Android and iOS.

Snap N Save

Coupons – I hate them. It feels like more of an effort to cut them out and remember to use them next time I go to buy groceries. But the Snap N Save app takes most of that hassle away. In the app, you ‘book’ items that you want to buy. After you’ve done your shopping, take a snapshot of your receipt, and the app recognises which of the items on your list you’ve bought. The money is added to your wallet, which you can cash out in various ways (including straight into your bank account).

Download the free app now for Android and iOS.

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