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    26 January 2021

    Aiden Sookdin

    Ease the financial burden of a family funeral

    Navigating life through an pandemic is hard, but with funeral cover you can ease the sting in having to navigate a death during a pandemic.

    High mortality rates have always been a reality in South Africa. However, the last year has truly taken its toll as the pandemic put us on the global map for all the wrong reasons.

    According to a recent report, more South Africans have now died from Covid-19 at 37 449 deaths than the individual death toll for murder, HIV and car accidents in 2020 . This does not include deaths due to the (hard to quantify) economic impact of lockdown.

    Statistics show that we have good reason to be worried about the safety and health of our loved ones, and indeed ourselves. Here are some additional brutal figures we just can’t ignore:

    • 21,325 people were murdered in South Africa during the last full reported year, according to statistics from the SA Police Service
    • An estimated 21,439 people died from HIV/AIDS in 2017
    • 690 road deaths were recorded in the space of twenty days - from 1 to 20 December 2020
    • We had record 10,907 excess deaths from natural causes from 30 December 2020 to 5 January 2021 - in total, 20,063 people died in one week

    On the virus front, an alarming 1.35 million cases have been recorded in South Africa as of 20 January 2021.

    Control what you can

    While we can do everything in our power to protect ourselves with various security measures and sanitize until our hands are raw, we can’t manage the things we can’t control.  We can’t be there to protect our families all the time.

    But we can control the practical aspects around the death of a loved one, and plan in case something happens to us. We can get rid of the black cloud of the financial burden of someone’s passing – which is ever present if we haven’t taken steps to get the correct funeral cover. The unforeseen costs, especially after a stressful and expensive illness, can devastate a family financially as well as emotionally.

    Cash payment from funeral cover

    The benefits of receiving a cash payment in the event of a family death are immense, giving you or your family the freedom to choose the coffin, control the gravesite payment, cover transportation costs and even buy the right clothing if necessary. Also, when the community is showing their respects, it is important to maintain a sense of care and consideration, which needs to be reflected in your food and hospitality.  This is another often unforeseen expense.

    VodaSure really cares about supporting you which is why we have designed different funeral policies starting from as little as R56 per month, which will cover you and up to eight family members.

    Our Family Funeral Cover has the following practical benefits:

    • A cash payout of the funeral policy of up to R50 000 when you or a family member passes away
    • 24 Hour Funeral Assist Line to guide you through the funeral planning process and provide trauma counseling
    • A Funeral Concierge Service covering the costs and arrangements of transporting the body to the home destination
    •  A Bereavement Box gift with a debit card of R500, airtime of R300 and government forms in order to apply for the death certificate

    If you are a Vodacom customer, with Prepaid, Top Up and uChoose you also have access to the Funeral Cover 4 You and your Family offerings which means no bank account is needed. You can pay monthly or weekly using your recharge value and manage your policy all in one place. Our different policies also mean you can plan in advance for the best cash payment - from the R10 000 pay out, up to R50 000.

    Isn’t R56 per month worth it for peace of mind for the turbulent times in which we live? If so, call 082124 for an obligation free quote or visit here for more information.


    Aiden Sookdin