07 August 2019


    Ease your mind with the V-Bag Tracker

    The V-Bag Ttracker is a simple solution to knowing where your luggage is at all times, making it the ideal travel companion.

    Whether you are super safety conscious, a jet-setter or just a little absentminded, the V-Bag Tracker is the perfect solution. Either clip the device straight onto your bag or place it into the bag itself to track your bag’s location on your smartphone. 

    Why the V-Bag Tracker is awesome

    The V-bag Tracker package comes with the Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker, a V-Sim, a charging cable, a bright blue silicon clip casing and a mini-screwdriver. The bright blue silicon clip casing also adds to making it super easy to identify your bag.

    When fully charged, the Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker has a four-day battery life with a 460mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The design is water-, dust- and shock-resistant while being compact and functional. With a weight of only 33g and 4.20cm-squared in size, it adds no extra bulk to your journey.

    Another great feature is the ability to set your Safe Zone. Choose the parameters for the vicinity that you wish your bag to stay in. If your bag crosses any boundaries or leaves areas with Vodacom coverage or GPS signal, your smartphone will instantly alert you.

    Plus, Vodacom offers a V-Sim Price Promise, which means that you are never surprised with extra charges when using your V-Bag Tracker while at home or abroad in most African and European countries. Not needing your V-Bag Tracker at the moment? Not to worry – you can easily pause your monthly subscription with no hassle.

    The V-Bag Tracker is perfect for travellers

    How to use the V-Bag Tracker

    There are only four easy steps to bag security. All you need to do to set up your device is:

    1. Download the V by Vodafone app.
    2. Scan V-Sim to activate your service.
    3. Download the MOVETRACK app and follow the instructions.
    4. Activate your Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker in the MOVETRACK app.

    Out of sight need not be out of mind!

    Find out more about Vodacom's other smart device offerings here – and enjoy a stress-free life no matter where you are.