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Sure, you could spend the long Family Day weekend bouncing from one activity to the next. Or you could chill out and make some entertainment memories with these great family movies on Showmax. 

Take a look at these hand-picked movies that are perfect for keeping your entire tribe entertained. You can watch them all on Showmax right now. You can even download these movies to watch offline during the never-ending road trip using the Showmax app.    

And remember, you can add Showmax to your Vodacom bill for one convenient way to pay. Plus, you can buy data bundles specially for Showmax to save you plenty of dough! 

1. Big Miracle

When a group of whales are trapped in icy waters, a local journalist takes action to help and save them in this excellent and thrilling story for the whole family. Watch it now »

2. Kung Fu Panda

Go back to the animated masterpiece with Po, the big panda with an even bigger dream: to be a kung fu legend! Then a prophecy picks him as the one… Watch it now »

3. Over the Hedge

Rising from their hibernation, a gang of woodland creatures find that humans have moved in! Luckily a wiley raccoon is there to show them the ropes in this family animation. Watch it now »

4. Imagine That


Evan is so busy trying to succeed, he doesn't even spend time with his daughter. Then, just as the pressure is on, he discovers her imaginary world is real. Watch it now »

5. The Hobbit Collection, 10-12PG

In this stunning adventure trilogy, peace-loving Bilbo Baggins seeks to help the rightful king reclaim the Dwarven throne, fighting off fearsome monsters, dragons and orcs. Does he have a big enough heart to succeed? Watch it now »

6. Babe

No story of a pig is better known than that of Babe, the oinker who showed the world that you should never judge a book by its cover! Watch it now »

7. Transformers Movie Collection, 7-9PG  

Two machine races of robots that can transform into vehicles arrive on Earth in search of an ultimate power source. Before long their war erupts again, threatening to destroy humanity. Watch it now »

8. Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, 7-9PG

This Oscar-winning adaptation of the popular children’s books is a visual delight about three children trying to outwit evil Count Olaf, who takes guardianship of them after their parents’ death. Watch it now »

9. Hercules, PG13

Dwayne Johnson steps into the sandals of the greatest hero of them all, the mighty Hercules. Yet while he fights for humans, the gods have other plans. Watch it now »

10. Coraline, PG10

Coraline discovers a secret door in her new family home, with a dark secret behind it. Created by stop-motion genius Henry Selick, this is a must-see for animation fans! Watch it now »

11. Valiant, 7-9PG

He may only be a pigeon, but Valiant is ready to fight against the Nazis. He gets his wish with a dangerous rescue mission in this fun animated adventure. Watch it now »

12. Barnyard

A honky-tonk animated comedy for the whole family, about Otis the carefree cow who must take charge when the farmer’s away. With the voices of Courteney Cox and Kevin James. Watch it now »

13. The Tale Of Despereaux

Enjoy adventure for the whole family in this stunning animated tale about Despereaux, a small mouse who sets out to save a princess and bring happiness back to the kingdom. Watch it now »

14. The Gruffalo

The voice talents of Helena Bonham Carter and James Corden bring Julia Donaldson’s classic book to life. Narrated by Mother Squirrel (Bonham Carter), this is the story of a little mouse (Corden) who makes his way through the forest in search of food. He meets three scary predators on his journey – a fox, an owl and a snake – and to scare them away, he tells them that he is meeting an extremely fearsome creature right called a Gruffalo, who loves eating foxes! And owls! And snakes! He succeeds in frightening them away … but then he runs into a real-life Gruffalo. Watch it now »

15. Arthur And The War of Two Worlds

The evil Maltazard has figured out how to shrink Arthur and thinks that takes care of his nemesis. But no matter how tiny, Arthur is ready to fight. Watch it now »

16. Forrest Gump, PG 13

The slow-witted Forrest may seem disadvantaged, but his life story, full of triumphs and friends, will inspire you in this much-loved multi-Oscar-winning masterpiece starring Tom Hanks. Watch it now »

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