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    04 April 2017


    Ensure carefree fun with Vodacom Insurance

    Get out and about without fear with these tips on avoiding smartphone disasters.

    Get out and about without fear with these tips on avoiding smartphone disasters. 

    Did you know that your phone is most likely to get damaged, lost or stolen while you're on holiday? When you're out of your normal routine, and more relaxed than usual, you drop your guard, and that's when the unexpected happens. 

    Luckily, there's an affordable, simple way to make sure you're prepared for the worst. 

    With Vodacom Insurance, holiday mishaps (such as when your kids drop your phone on the tiled floor of your holiday accommodation, or you misplace it while you're playing hide and seek with them in the garden, or it falls out your pocket while on your annual Family Day hike, or you leave it unattended for a moment while posing for a family picture in a crowded restaurant and it gets nabbed by a pickpocket) won't be the end of the world. Because, if you've taken out Vodacom device insurance on your new phone, you will get your device replaced within 24 hours through our nationwide network. 

    Here are four reasons insuring your new device with Vodacom is an absolute must:

    1. Your phone is more vulnerable - and valuable - today than ever before 

    Smartphones today are pretty much all touch-screen, making them much less rugged than the first few phones you ever owned, the ones with tiny screens and hard shells. 

    This means that if your phone falls, gets stood on, bumped or knocked, the chances are your screen is going to shatter, crack or get otherwise damaged. And for most smartphones, replacing the screen costs a substantial amount.

    Would you cope without a phone while on holiday? Would you be able to check your mails while you're out of the office? Or your maps app when you're in an unfamiliar place? Would your family be able to get hold of you to make arrangements to meet up? In our constantly connected reality, the answer to all of these is almost always 'no'.

    With Vodacom Insurance, though, you won't have to find out, because your phone will be replaced within 24 hours.

    2. You can choose what works for you

    Accident-prone with your phone, but don’t need comprehensive cover? Then you can consider Accidental Damage Insurance, which covers against any damage - even liquid damage. So if your toddler drops your phone in the loo, it won't ruin your holiday!

    3. Payment is simple

    Contract and Top-Up customers, you'll get your insurance premium added to your monthly bill. Pre-Paid and uChoose customers, the insurance premium will be deducted from your bank account monthly.

    How does it work?

    Simple: You pay a small monthly premium determined by the value of your device, and in the event of breakage, damage, or a lost or stolen phone, Vodacom will send you a replacement.

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