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    01 September 2017


    Ensure your business is at its best with Vodacom

    Ensure your business is achieving its best with the help of Vodacom's complete set of productivity tools.

    For any business, sustainable growth is among its biggest challenges, and it's certainly not a new problem. In order to achieve continued success, a company needs to repeatedly examine their sense of purpose and make sure the organisation serves it well. An authentic and inspiring purpose allows for:

    • A constant, consistent sense of focus
    • A strong emotional engagement both within the company and with its customers and partners
    • Continuous, pragmatic innovation.

    With the assistance of Vodacom's complete set of productivity tools, aimed at assisting your business to function at its fullest potential, you can ensure your business is geared for growth and continued success.

    Ready business

    Vodacom’s Ready Business Index gives you immediate insight into how well your business is positioned to capitalise on opportunities and respond to threats. It provides decision makers with a readiness score, which is a measure of your business’s level of technological competitiveness. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and it’s important to understand how it influences the relationship between your business and its customers.

    The Ready Business Index guides you through a series of questions about your business, and presents a number of recommendations to improve your readiness score in the areas of operational agility, employee connectedness and customer engagement. The next step is to get in touch with Vodacom to discuss how we can set up your business for future success. It’s the first step towards success in the age of technology-enabled business. You can also share the full report with your colleagues to enable decision-making and get your business ready for the future.

    To see how your business compares to others in your industry, take the Ready Business Index here

    One Net Business

    Vodacom One Net Business is the next evolution towards a truly converged fixed and mobile telephony service.

    Vodacom One Net Business is a cloud-based, unified communication solution that seamlessly integrates your fixed and mobile telephony services across any device. Making or receiving a call in the office on an IP phone and continuing that same call by 'pulling' the call to a cellphone, tablet or desktop device, without a break in transmission, is now a reality.

    Because all this integration occurs in the cloud, the service removes the need for on-premise PBX equipment. This allows employees to work effectively, whether in the office or out and about. The One Net Business mobile and desktop apps allow for team collaboration through features like chat, peer-to-peer video conferencing, presence information, screen and content sharing. Best of all, One Net Business enables working within a pay-as-you-grow model housed on our secure, managed network.

    Virtual Cloud Hosting

    When it comes to data storage for business, physical servers are often under-utilised, with as little as 20% being used at any given time. This is a necessary 'wastage' to allow for future growth. But Vodacom's Virtual Hosting with Cloud Management is fully adaptable to your business's storage needs at the present moment. It's a dedicated virtual web or application server that gives you a complete and robust IT cloud platform. 

    Vodacom understands how important it is for your business to always be available and responsive, and that's exactly what Virtual Hosting with Cloud Management offers you. It also allows you to manage your resources remotely, giving you control and convenience.

    Vodacom Security Solutions

    You've invested many hours and a great deal of money to make sure your business delivers on everything your customers expect – and more. But what about the things you didn't expect to have to worry about, such as online security? That's what the Vodacom Security Solutions Suite is for: to ensure your business is never under threat from problematic email, spam, viruses, data theft, fraud or malicious behaviour.

    Solutions include:

    • web and mail content filters
    • anti-spam and highly advanced anti-virus software that protects you from more than 47 000 viruses
    • virtual hosting and perimeter firewalls
    • intelligent hosting that allows you to customise the way you interact with your customers
    • secure remote access, using two-factor authentication.

    All of these services allow you to save time and software/hardware expenses in setting these up for yourself, and you'll enjoy Vodacom's management, hosting and support expertise.