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    26 May 2021

    Aiden Sookdin

    Exclusive emergency services for Vodacom contract customers

    Vodacom Hero Assist is here to help you with those unexpected household emergencies.

    Not having contingency plans for the most common household mishaps can end up being inconvenient and expensive. During a household emergency, you don’t have time to look for inexpensive parts and may end up paying high rates for after-hours service.

    The key to managing household emergencies is to take care of potential problems before they escalate. Here are some tips on how:

    Overflowing toilet

    You might know what not to flush, but do your visitors? If you’re repeatedly having toilet issues put a sign in the loo specifying what not to flush – you’d be surprised at how many people think cotton wool and dental floss is fine – they’re not! If there’s backup, pour water into the bowl instead of using a plunger, as the pressure can help dislodge clogging.  If your drains are sluggish don’t leave them – have someone take a look before it becomes the dreaded emergency you want to avoid.

    Burst geyser

    The healthy lifespan of a geyser is around five years, with a three-year check-up recommended, particularly before winter when there’s more expansion and contraction because of the colder weather. Having your geyser checked is about more than just saving money; if it bursts, the water could wreck your fixtures and fittings and may even be dangerous, depending on where it’s located.

    Blocked gutters

    This sounds relatively harmless, and it is – unless you’re in the house! Blocked gutters can lead to water soaking into the foundation of your home, causing cracks and structural issues, inside and out. Keeping gutters clear requires love and attention, regularly removing leaves and debris and then flushing the gutters with water to check they’re all clear. Clean gutters also decrease the risk of rodents and other pests nesting in your roof, something else you really want to avoid.

    Vodacom Hero Assist

    One sure way of covering your home emergency is with Vodacom Home Assist. Vodacom contract customers can take advantage of an exclusive Hero Bundle offer – for only R69 a month you get access to a huge number of household emergency services, including plumbers, glaziers, electricians, locksmiths, pest controllers and more. But that’s not all! Your hero in emergencies, Vodacom Hero Assist, also provides you with Roadside Assistance, Home Drive Assist and Home Security Assist. Signing up couldn’t be easier – either activate all the benefits of Hero Assist for only R69 per month online or request a call back here. We can’t wait to be the hero you didn’t know you needed!

    Aiden Sookdin