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Vodacom Now!

With Fibre to the Home (FTTH), communications signals reach your home over optical fibre instead of traditional copper infrastructure. So instead of relying on wire cables or radio waves, such as for landline telephones and mobile phones, information is coded in a beam of light and travels down a glass or plastic pipe known as a fibre optic cable.

Super fast

The advantages of this new and rapidly growing technology include huge improvements in bandwidth (with speeds of up to 100 Mbps per second) – and, importantly, providers can keep increasing available bandwidth without having to change the fibre at all. This is why FTTH is known as 'future proof'.

In short, FTTH gives residential customers instant, super-fast and uninterrupted connectivity – and the best news is that Vodacom Fibre is now available in South Africa in selected areas.

This means ultra-fast internet with an optional voice line – so you’ll get great talk-time value as well as lightning-fast internet. (If you already have a landline number, you can keep it by porting it to Vodacom when you install FTTH.)

Connect your home

It’s great for gaming, downloads and streaming video, and you can connect multiple devices in your home to the internet at the same time via wireless or directly to your router. There’s the option to top up your data if you run out, and you’ll also get free access to Vodacom e-school, an online resource with learning materials that match the South African curriculum.

As time goes by, more and more South Africans are going to be looking for homes with FTTH, so you will increase the value of your property while enjoying faster, more reliable connectivity to the internet than you ever thought possible.

Find out more

Interested? Go to Vodacom Online for costing information and to see all the added benefits of getting FTTH in your home.

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