FIFA22 - what to expect
24 September 2021

Sam Wright

FIFA22 - what to expect

The most anticipated game for many South Africans, FIFA22, is set to release globally on 1 October. We take a look at what players can expect in this latest entry into the popular series. 

Electronic Arts (EA), the maker of FIFA 22, has upgraded the new version to enhance gameplay. It’ll use a new AI system for goalkeepers to make the experience more realistic and reliable. – plus, FIFA 22 is reportedly going to feature keepers with personalities, causing them to react under pressure and incorporate human decision-making. Along with the AI, some physics issues have been tweaked as well. Things like ground friction, rolling friction and air drag should give the ball a more real-life type of movement. Other changes include the option to play as women in FIFA 22’s Pro Clubs, mode and Explosive Sprint, which gives you control over quick bursts of energy from players, making for more dynamic gameplay. FIFA 22 will also feature next-gen motion capture of 22 professional players at high intensity to build on the realistic gameplay. 

Nick Wlodyka, general manager of EA SPORTS FIFA, says HyperMotion will give gamers an even more immersive experience:

“Each player experiences FIFA in their own way but on-pitch gameplay is the unifying constant, so we’re excited to offer deep innovation there. HyperMotion elevates that even further on next-gen consoles and [Google] Stadia and completely changes the feel of the game.”

Who can you play as?

More than 17 000 players will be available across 700-plus teams in more than 90 stadiums. You’ll be able to compete in the likes of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Europe Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga Santander. 

Competitive play

Hypermotion technology will potentially shake up competitive play. Competitive settings will be more manual-focused and the new tech is really good. However professional gamers locally are still looking for specific changes to come into effect in the new game.
Popular South African FIFA Shoutcaster Wasim Rajah is hoping for a particular focus on the career mode: “I, like a lot of players, started off playing career mode. I understand EA has big changes planned and I’d love to see career mode get the attention it deserves, as it’s one of the game modes that bring people to FIFA. On the competitive side, I hope to see a skill gap in the next FIFA. There needs to be less emphasis on AI assistance. The game needs to require more manual work from us as players. I’d also like to see unrealistic skill moves removed, making the game more traditional.”

Meanwhile, Goliath Gaming’s Muhammad Fa’iz “UnFaizdd” Mahomed may get his wish for more manual play following some early looks at the hypermotion technology: “I’d really like to see a more fast-paced game, with direct attacking and manual defending. The pace of the past few FIFA games has been slow. A switch up to a faster pace would be great! Direct attacking would make the game more enjoyable instead of the slow build-up, while manual defending would increase the skill gap – which I think is always good for FIFA.”

A first look at FIFA 22 in a competitive setting was revealed by the publisher earlier this month when two of the world’s best gamers, Fnatic Tekkz and Hashtag Tom, played against each other.

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Sam Wright