What to download
    11 July 2016


    Find your phone, safeguard your data

    Vodacom's FREE Vodafone Protect app lets you safeguard the data on your smartphone if it is stolen, as well as find your phone if you lose it.

    Powered by McAfee, the free-to-download Vodafone Protect app enables you to remotely lock and wipe your phone if it is stolen, so that all the data on your smartphone will be kept out of the wrong hands. This includes the data on your SD card.

    If your phone is stolen, you will also be able to locate it on a map, so you can see exactly where the thief has taken it.

    And, if you're prone to misplacing your phone, you'll love the 'lock and beep' feature that allows you to locate your device if it is in close range. 


    For only R20 a month, you can get the Vodafone Protect Premium Package, which gives you call and SMS filtering, anti-virus and web and app protection.

    Find out more about the Vodafone Protect Premium Package now » 

    (Note that while the app is free to download, the data to download the app is not. You can buy data bundles quickly, simply and affordably by logging into My Vodacom.)