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Choosing the correct career path may feel like a stressful task. It’s important that you do proper research into finding out what line of work will suit you best. These three online career guidance sources provide questionnaires to calculate what profession you should pick.

Career Town

Using six decades of research, Career Town does an online assessment based on your answers. Career Town also factors in natural skills and abilities, interests and life-opportunities to ensure that you have the best results beyond a basic psychometric test. Career Town will then rank your options based on suitability in a Career Prioritisation chart. The automated and affordable tool is easy to use with accurate results by means of a scientific approach. The website also includes a section for subject choice, so that you aren’t left with any surprises when trying to get into a tertiary degree.

The Online Career Guide

This online tool provides students with a comprehensive career guide based on personality characteristics, skills and interests. The 25-minute questionnaire will calculate the best career options in a detailed report which includes profession choice, tertiary qualifications you need and subject choices.


The Inspireware online career guide is a thorough tool that supports learners through the process of job and study choices by engaging and effectively identify your personal interests and strengths. Developed in South Africa, for South Africans, it is easily accessible and provides a comprehensive report on career classifications and your perfect work environment.

Go Study

Go Study South Africa give an in-depth list of occupations, institutions, programmes, bursaries and resources which you can use once you have completed their yes-no questionnaire. Once you have finished, a list of interest fields will be displayed for you to explore, which will automatically be saved to your profile.

Are you looking for a career in the digital realm? Vodacom has the perfect test to match your skills with online roles through the Future Job Finder.



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