26 August 2019

    Celeste Jacobs

    From A to Gen Z: A slang cheat sheet

    If you’ve been feeling a little lost online or IRL, here’s a cheat sheet of some contemporary slang to revive your vocab.

    If you’ve been feeling a little lost online or IRL (that's ‘In Real Life’), here are five terms that will up your chat game.

    That slaps

    When a song is really good, this is a prime expression of delight. It might even imply that the speaker has included the track on one of their MyMuze playlists.

    Have you heard Lizzo’s Truth Hurts? That track slaps!

    Bonus point: One of the lines in Lizzo’s song says ‘shoot your shot’. That’s the act of letting go of your ego and pursuing a romantic interest.


    This is used to describe cats who are carrying a few extra kilograms.

    When it comes down to it, we’ve got to give credit where it’s due: Garfield is the ultimate chonk.


    Chonk refers to a fat cat

    Note: Want to know if a bit more exercise can help your chonk lose a few kilos? The V-Pet Tracker can help!


    Many young people took to Instagram (IG) when their older relatives discovered Facebook. Now that these family members are also finding their way to IG, the youth have had to get creative and seek refuge in fake IG accounts. So if you’re wondering why your daughter is posting less, do some investigation...

    Another reason to have a Finstagram is to have a space that caters to more authentic content than what a curated IG feed allows. (Of course, many influencers claim that the best way to grow your following is to always post authentic, uncurated content. Click here for more tips on how to grow your IG following.)

    Friend 1: Have you seen my post on IG from last night?

    Friend 2: I was just on your profile, but I didn’t see it...

    Friend 1: Not that one. Go to my Finstagram.


    The perfect response to anything that resonates with you. When you feel particularly strongly about something, you could enhance the expression by saying ‘big mood’.

    Friend 1: Did you see Meghan and Bey bringing that regal energy to The Lion King premiere?

    Friend 2: Mood!

    Friend 3: BIG mood!


    Use the phrase Big Mood when you something really resonates with you

    Snatching wigs

    You can’t go beyond ‘snatching a wig’ – this is the ultimate reaction to anything that leaves you pleasantly surprised.

    Céline Dion’s lewks (see: looks, read: outfits) have her out here snatching all of our wigs.

    Plot twist: Yes, Céline really is cool again.

    Celine Dion's outfits have us snatching our wigs

    Bonus point: Wig can also be used as a more simple expression. If a friend tells you Cardi B is doing a world tour that includes South Africa, you could say ‘Oh, wig!’.

    While you’re catching up with Gen Z, keep at it by upgrading your internet speed with Vodacom Fibre. Trust us, it really will snatch your wig! 

    Header photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

    Celeste Jacobs