29 July 2019

    Nomfundo Nkambule

    How to be an influencer: Part 3

    Meet Audaciously Sels, a wine enthusiast and content creator who loves exploring Cape Town’s bustling wine scene.

    In our series on how to grow your social media following, we’ve chatted to micro influencers Samantha Wright and Lynette Botha to get practical tips on how to create content that speaks to your followers. Now, we continue the conversation with Selina Mutale AKA Audaciously Sels.

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    Selina Mutale is an operations support manager by profession, but come the weekend, she is a wine enthusiast and content creator who loves exploring Cape Town’s bustling wine scene. Her Instagram account is filled with places to see in the Mother City. Here, she reveals how to reach more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

    What would you say has successfully helped you to grow your following on Instagram?

    I post about things that I enjoy and am passionate about. People use my page as a reference point for fun things to try or places to visit. My advice would be to find your voice and your unique stamp. 

    A few years ago, hashtags had a huge impact on account growth but that stopped when Instagram’s algorithm changed. Keep reading as much as possible to stay up to date with any changes or new features. A good resource you can use is Later.

    ‘Influencer’ is a term that cannot be ignored in the digital space. What are your thoughts on influencer marketing and why do you think it is a helpful tool for brands?

    When brands collaborate with the right brand ambassador, they ensure that the right target audience is reached and may reach people that they would not have connected with through conventional advertising methods. People engage with accounts that they find interesting. The influencer’s audience is more likely to check out the products because of the level of trust.

    You will need a media kit to get started in influencer marketing. Two websites that can help are Webfluential and Fohr. You can also check out indaHash and Humanz, two influencer marketing apps.

    What does the number of followers mean to you in the long run and does it help you to get paid work in your field?

    The number of followers you have does open up opportunities, BUT it's not the only criteria that brands consider. I think it is better to focus on creating good content and connecting with your audience.

    What is your approach in creating content for your Instagram account?

    Currently, I use a combination of planned and spontaneous content. But I am going to be focusing more on planned content in the future and will be introducing things like theme days. I think my audience will respond well to this.

    What is your tip or hack to creating content that will get the desired engagement? 

    Change your Instagram account to a business account so that you have access to the Insights section. I regularly review these insights to see what type of content my audience is engaging with. You can select different filters to see how your posts are performing. Keep this data in mind when you create content, and stick to what works for you. Having said that, do not be afraid of changing things up and experimenting with different types of content.

    Instagram Insights can help you monitor your followers' behaviour

    The time of day you post is also important. Instagram Insights shows you the times during the day when your followers are most active. Try to post as close as possible to these times to boost your engagement.

    Check when the best time to post is

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    Header photo by ANGELA FRANKLIN on Unsplash

    Nomfundo Nkambule