From Phishing to Deepfakes and Public WIFI Security
12 December 2023


From Phishing to Deepfakes and Public WIFI Security

Educate yourself this holiday season about the various internet dangers.

It’s the holiday season, and everyone, young and old, will be spending a lot more time online—whether it’s on social media or other platforms. This leaves them open to cybercriminals who will just as eagerly be online in search of their next victim.

Here, we identify some of the most common dangers on the internet and provide tips on avoiding becoming the next victim.

Phishing and Social Media Scams Are Going Strong

There are many types of phishing attacks, ranging from email to SMS and even instant messaging services, but they all lead to the same thing: scammers getting away with your personal details and gaining access to your social media accounts or, worse, banking details. Learn more about the channels scammers use to get your info and discover how to protect yourself against phishing.

How AI Is Improving and Increasing Fraudulent Activity

Cybercriminals used to be few and far between because it required a certain level of skill and hard work to create the material they use for their ploys. However, with the rise of AI, creating this content has become much easier, and anyone with a scheme can now create what they need, resulting in more scams and scammers. Discover how AI is making cybercrime more prevalent and learn what you need to look out for to counter the rise of AI-based fraud.

Being Swindled On Facebook Marketplace

With Christmas around the corner, people will be frantically looking for gifts to give their loved ones. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to do this; however, as it has risen in popularity as an online shopping resource, it has also become a popular space for cybercriminals to catch people out and steal their money. Here is how you can avoid fraudsters on Facebook Marketplace.

The Many Threats On Social Media  

Besides Facebook Marketplace, social media, in general, is a safety hazard for your personal information and privacy. Fraud, identity theft, hacking, and catfishing are just some of the problems that come with being on social media. With the holidays approaching, people are going to be spending a lot more time on these platforms. Here are some safety tips to keep you safe from the risks of social media.

The Power Of Deep Fakes And Video Fraud

If you think phishing, vishing and smishing are bad, deep fakes are next level. This is when a hacker uses someone else’s likeness and creates a video of them saying or doing things they never did. They commonly use celebrities to scam people with fake messages, but they can also do this to the average person, which can harm their reputation. Discover how deepfakes are used to scam people.

Lack Of Security On Public WIFI

The internet should be a right and not a privilege. Providing this kind of accessibility is the reason why so many public spaces across the country provide free WIFI. But this doesn’t come without pitfalls. One of these is the low levels of cyber security, which makes data and personal information easier to steal. But instead of avoiding it, learn how to keep your data safe on public WIFI.

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the dangers on the internet and how to counter them. But cybercriminals are constantly evolving and new dangers are always likely to surface. Keep an eye on our fraud content for updates on the latest methods criminals are using to swindle victims.