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Who needs chocolates or flowers when you can treat yourself to a brand-new device? Here are our picks of the hottest deals this Valentine's Day – you're welcome!

Apple iPhone 6s

Apple may have released more devices in the four years since the 6s first came out, but there's no denying that the 6s is still one to own. It's lightweight, durable and boasts multi-touch. You can find out more about the Apple iPhone 6s here. 

iPhone 6s

To buy an Apple iPhone 6s, click here and for more iPhone deals, take a look here.

Samsung Galaxy A30s

Released in September last year, the Samsung Galaxy A30s has everything you need – great camera, fingerprint sensor and cool shooting modes.


To buy a Samsung Galaxy A30s or to check out our other Valentine's deals, click here.

Nokia 3.2

This entry-level phone boasts a long-lasting battery and a large display. It feels sturdy and has a waterproof display. All in all, if you're looking for a winning phone for less than R200 per month, you certainly can't go wrong with the Nokia 3.2.

Nokia 3.2

To buy a Nokia 3.2 or to check out our other under-R200 deals, click here.

Asus X5 Celeron

Solidly built yet still light, this laptop is ideal if you're someone who is always on the go. It also looks good, while still offering pixel-perfect video, excellent sound and everything else you need for great day-to-day performance.

Asus X5 Celeron

To buy the Asus X5 Celeron plus a router, click here.

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