18 May 2016


    Go on, Go Play

    Alcatel's latest devices are a nod to spec-savvy but budget-conscious consumers.

    This smartphone manufacturer is going after mass-market millennials with their new branding and fresh crop of smartphones. Previously named Alcatel OneTouch, Alcatel is now all about keeping things simple, personal and authentic.

    Alcatel's high-value devices

    Though there are plenty of high-end smartphones on the market with matching price tags, Alcatel feels strongly about providing cost-effective devices with rich functionality and beautiful aesthetics, because every smartphone user needs a device that not only comes in a stylish package, but which is affordable and offers great performance. This is one of the ways the manufacturer is making the internet accessible to all.

    One of Alcatel's new smartphones that speaks to the cost-conscious but spec-savvy youth is the Pixi 3, with its large screen, 8MP camera and range of luxurious colours. 

    Now, Alcatel is set to launch the brand-new Go Play smartphone in South Africa. The Go Play will be launched along with its companion the Go Watch. This pair of devices has been designed with active users in mind, people who are always ready for action.

    The Go Play: fun and tough ...

    The Go Play allows you to take pictures under water, and is so life-proof that it will withstand almost anything your adventurous lifestyle puts it through - including being dropped from a height of 1.5 metres (though it's probably best not to try this at home). In fact, Alcatel is so confident of the Go Play's hardy credentials that it has been put through a battery of tough tests and the smartphone passed them all with flying colours - including the colour powder test (so you can take it along on your next Colour Run), the punch test, and of course, the beach ball test.

    ... And gorgeous and clever to boot

    But it's not just robust: the Go Play is a pretty face, too. It comes in 8 cool colour combos with water-resistant headsets to match, so you won't have to worry about ruining them by wearing them while you run in the rain, or while sweating, plus it's got a beautiful 5-inch display. It's 2 500mAh battery gives you  up to eight hours of talk time and over 40 hours of non-stop music, so it can keep up with you all day and all night. You can also ramp up the storage on the phone to 32GB with a MicroSD card. And, perhaps most importantly, the 8MP rear camera and enviable 5MP front camera mean that your Instagram selfies and sunset shots will get a lot of love.

    As for the Go Watch, you'll get the same tough features (water-, dust- and shock-resistance and long battery life) and stylish design of the Go Play, as well as super-handy SMS, email, call and weather notifications.

    The Go Play and Go Watch will be available on Vodacom Online soon.

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