Be Datawyze
    06 April 2020

    Megan Ellis

    Good data habits to start

    Even with data getting cheaper, it’s always good to save when you can. Here are some good habits to start to curb your data usage...

    Even with data getting cheaper, it’s still a good idea to save your mobile data for when it’s necessary. From monitoring your daily usage to changing WhatsApp settings, here are some good habits you should start to save data…

    While working from home these next few weeks, you may want to keep the following tips in mind, to ensure optimum use of your data. 

    1. Stay active  – Make sure you have an active data bundle, as out-of-bundle rates are significantly higher. You can check your data bundle balance and buy additional bundles using the My Vodacom App or by logging in to My Vodacom online

    2. Manual entry  – Automatic updates on software and apps eat data. Disable them by going to the Google Play store and tap Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps. Select 'Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only' or  'Do not auto-update apps' – if you choose the latter you’ll have to remember to update the apps yourself.

    3. Stay informed  –With Vodacom’s self-service options on Vodacom.co.za you can keep an eye on your data usage and your bill. Buying data bundles through Just 4 You means you have access to better rates which are personalised for you. The My Vodacom App helps you keep track of your account from your smartphone.

    4. Disable non-essential features – By disabling widgets, configuring in-app data settings and restricting background data that your apps use, you’ll save data no end. Your app settings can be disabled for options that you don’t need (do you really need location services and notifications?). You can also choose to manually back up photos and videos rather than having them automatically backed up. Go into the settings for each app to change these options.

    5. Set a data limit – Android's Data Usage tool lets you view your monthly data activity, see which apps are using the most data and set usage warnings. Go to Settings > Data usage and switch 'Set cellular data limit' to on. You can set your maximum limit for the month and get warnings when you're close to reaching your limit.

    6. Activate Lite Mode on Chrome – While this will impact your online experience, you can minimise how much data the Chrome web browser uses on your android device. Open Chrome, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner and select More and then Settings. Under Advanced, tap Lite Mode to activate it. 

    For more info on staying #Datawyze, please visit our data-saving tips page

    Data usage warnings

    You can set up a data usage warning so that whenever you go over your daily or monthly quota, your smartphone will warn you.

    This helps you keep track of your usage so that you aren’t surprised if your bundle suddenly depletes. Find out more on how to do this in our #Datawyze guide on how to track your data usage.

    Switch off automatic updates and syncing

    Whether it’s the Google Play Store, your non-urgent email accounts, or Facebook; you should reserve automatic updates and syncing for only the most important smartphone apps.

    You can change your app store settings to prevent auto-updates and downloads over mobile data. Apps like Google Photos also have data-saving settings.

    But your social media and email apps can also use up a lot of data if they constantly sync in the background. Make sure only your most important accounts (such as those you use for work) sync over your mobile network.


    Megan Ellis