25 January 2019

    Megan Ellis

    Google Assistant’s new features

    These recently released features will be coming to SA shores any day now.

    Google Assistant is constantly evolving with new updates and features. These updates take a little longer to reach our shores, but some recently announced and released features will be coming to South African users any day now. Keep an eye out for these new Google Assistant features.

    More advanced lists

    Google Assistant can already create shopping lists for you and add items using voice commands, but the list feature has become more advanced. Assistant can now also create to-do lists and specific types of shopping lists, such as gift lists. You will be able to use commands such as ‘add washing dishes to my to-do list’ or ‘create a new gift list’ and Assistant will act accordingly. 

    More voice control in Google Maps

    You can already use voice commands to start navigating to a destination with Google Maps and Assistant. But at CES 2019, Google announced that you will soon be able to use more voice commands with the maps app. These include sharing your ETA and searching for places along your route. This will be a useful feature to ensure hands-free control on the road.

    Pretty Please

    Google Assistant now has a mode called ‘Pretty Please’, which is aimed at reinforcing politeness in children. The feature praises users for using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ while interacting with the assistant. The assistant will thank you for being polite, giving positive reinforcement for speaking with manners.

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    Megan Ellis