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It's Father's Day on Sunday, 19 June and it's the ideal day to take some time out to say thanks to your dad for being awesome.

We chatted to a bunch of South African dads to get some inside insights into what dads really want this Father's Day.

1. Give me experiences, not things

Use the dedicated day for dads to create memories! Spending time together doing something fun and unusual is a perfect bonding experience. Be sure to share the winning moments on Instagram. Then for your next gift you can print out the best shots as old-style polaroids –  go to and order your Instagram pics online. 

2. Give me stuff I can use to buy online

Vouchers, vouchers, vouchers. While online shopping vouchers may not seem like the most original gift, they are very convenient and mean your dad can buy whatever he likes or add some of his own cash for something extra special. Consider online retailers or virtual retailers – what about some iTunes or Google Play vouchers for games, ebooks, music or apps? Or, how about a gift card for Deezer so he can stream all his favourite tunes.

3. Give me tasty things to eat

Whether dad is a biltong fanatic, coffee addict or loves a good old Ouma rusk, splash out on some top of the range snacks and treats. Fancy hipster coffee from the city's hottest coffee joints, fresh biltong from a gourmet deli or coconut and almond-packed Banting rusks would probably all do the trick.

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