04 January 2016


    Hassle-free travel

    Access to the My Vodacom App and easy roaming options will make travelling with your smartphone a breeze.

    The My Vodacom App has been zero rated, which means you can open the app, activate services and write on the Contact Us page for FREE – even while roaming!

    The sweet memories of a holiday overseas can quickly be soured with a hefty phone bill with high roaming costs. Thanks to Vodacom Travel Saver, this will be a thing of the past.

    Lower roaming rates are available on Travel Saver, and 179 countries are included in this feature. An added benefit is transparency, so that you know how much you are spending while your are using roaming services – no more nasty surprises! 

    There is a flat call, data and SMS rate, with a daily access fee. Activate the service, and read the Ts&Cs on Vodacom Travel Saver here »    


    Travel Saver is currently only available to contract customers. Sign up here »