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Here is our pick of 10 affordable, must-have tech gadgets and accessories to boost your holiday bliss.

R1 000 or less

  • video stand for your smartphone, with Bluetooth shutter control, so that you get tremor-free, top-quality footage of your family holiday
  • A simple fitness tracker so that you can see how many kilometres you've walked while sightseeing, up your activity levels when you've had a day of doing nothing but lying by the pool, and get to feel smug when you see how many hours you've slept on holiday.

R500 or less

  • power bank to boost your smartphone's battery and give you more juice for the long summery days
  • A compact Bluetooth speaker for playing your tunes wherever you go without the hassle of cables and cords

R200 or less

  • A tempered glass screen guard to protect your screen from shattering or getting scratched
  • A protective sports armband to keep your smartphone clean and dry while you exercise with it, whether you're using it to listen to your running playlist or for the fitness tracker app
  • Funky earbuds for your listening pleasure when you're in public or with your parentals
  • This may sound a little strange, but a smartphone holder that fits into your car airvent will be a real boon when you're on holiday in a new place and need your maps app in your line of vision 
  • micro SD card to increase your phone's storage capacity - with so many photos and videos to capture, you're likely to run out of on-board space faster than you can type #nofilter

(Practically) free

A Ziplock bag to keep your smartphone dry and sand-free on the beach!

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