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We rely on the internet for so many things, from booking a holiday to watching movies on Netflix and googling plotlines. So when there’s loadshedding and not only are we left in the dark, but we’re also without our main source of entertainment, making those 2–4 hours seem even longer. Luckily, if you plan ahead, there is a way to avoid interruptions with Vodacom Fibre’s UPS.

What does UPS stand for?

UPS is the acronym for Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterrupted Power Supply. Basically, it is a battery backup device.

What does a UPS device do?

When your regular power source stops working (when there’s an electricity cut, for example), a UPS device supplies energy in the interim so you can stay connected to wifi. Vodacom Fibre’s UPS device can provide power for up to four hours, depending on how many devices are plugged in.

How do I use a UPS device?

Simply plug the USP into your device (your computer or laptop, for example). It comes standard with an input and output cord, which allows for an additional extension cord to be plugged in. You can also plug it into your router. Make sure your UPS is fully charged. For uninterrupted power supply, it’s advisable that you keep the UPS plugged in so that it kicks in as soon as the electricity goes off.

Check out Vodacom’s fibre deals and LTE deals (for if you live in a future fibre area) and add an Uninterrupted Power Supply to your package.

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