How to create a cinematic experience at home
16 April 2024

Nafisa Akabor

How to create a cinematic experience at home

Here's how to ditch the pricey cinema and create a cinematic experience at home. 

Creating your own home cinematic experience is one of those investments that will pay itself off in the long run. The cost of movie tickets these days, plus popcorn and a drink can be quite pricey, and likely the first expense to ditch if you’re on a budget. 

Here’s how you can plan for the long term and set-up a home cinematic experience using the following items. Don’t overlook purchasing the correct HDMI cables for the highest quality audio and video. 

Smart TV 

You may want a smart TV that is 65-inches in size, with at least a 4K UHD resolution, HDMI and USB ports. If you’re on a budget, why not check out the Vodacom shop for some cost-effective options, alternatively, download the VodaPay app where you will find options from Mzansi's leading retailers. Other affordable to mid-range brands include Skyworth and TCL which have Android TV built-in, and for higher-end, you can get a Samsung or LG smart TV. Selecting a TV depends on your needs: Sometimes it comes down to the operating system and access to apps, other times it's about how many ports it offers to connect other devices (gaming consoles, streaming boxes, Chromecast, TV sticks, etc) 

Surround sound speakers 

Speakers with a 5.1 channel surround sound is most optimal if you want an immersive experience as it includes a subwoofer and five speakers. Some affordable options include Panasonic’s 300W surround sound system or Sony’s HT-S40R Dolby Audio Speaker System. LG has a 4.2 channel 1250W system with dual subwoofers, and Logitech has the Z906 500W system. Also consider floor-standing speakers if space is a concern. 


If you live in an apartment or have a smaller budget, you can go for a soundbar, which is typically a 2.1 channel system. Some soundbars like the Sonos allow you to build onto it later. Some soundbars have Dolby Atmos sound, USB ports to connect your multimedia content to, and support wireless connectivity from phones. Affordable options can be purchased from Volkano, Sinotech or Hisense, and mid- to high-end ones are available from JBL, Samsung or LG. 

Home Projector 

If you prefer a family affair or fun for the kids, a projector may be a good idea, which can be used indoors or outdoors. Home projectors typically have ports so you can connect various devices to it. While there a bunch of no-name brands if you’re on a budget, other higher-end ones include the likes of Epson, Acer, Xiaomi, or HP. The Samsung Freestyle portable projector is great, it has HDR, built-in 360-degree sound, works with voice assistants, and mirrors your smartphone, even an iPhone. 

Streaming Boxes 

You want to make sure you have access to a bunch of streaming services and apps to buy or rent movies from. The best way to do it is from one streaming box that supports multiple platforms. This can either be an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Mi TV Box or TV stick.  

Movies at home are not going to be great without a solid streaming experience. Vodacom has some top-of-the-range home internet options ranging from LTE to 5G and fibre as well. Check out Vodacom home internet and find out whether you have coverage in your neighbourhood.


Nafisa Akabor